Setting Up a WP Blog

Installing a WordPress Theme and to change the look of your blog only takes a couple of minutes.  I do want to caution you though that some “free” WP Themes come with hidden links in them and these are links you don’t want to be associated with.  So, I always recommend getting a theme from a site that you trust.  I have free WordPress Themes or I can also recommend The Cutest Blog on The Block as I know they are on the up and up and have some really cute themes to choose from.

install a wordpress themeHere are a list of instructions or you can watch the video below.

  1. Login to your WP blog dashboard.
  2. On the left hand side menu click “Appearance” this will bring up Themes
  3. Click Install Themes on the top tab of that page.
  4. Then choose upload
  5. Browse to find your theme on your computer it should be a .zip file
  6. Click install
  7. After your theme is installed you can preview it to see what it would look like (up to you)
  8. Click activate! Visit your site and see your new look.

*If you are going from a 2 column theme to a 3 column theme or vise versa, it could mess up the widgets.  Don’t worry though as this is a super easy fix.  Go to your dashboard and under appearance you’ll see widgets.  Just drag and drop them into the place you’d like them.

For more information on setting up your WordPress blog visit my WordPress Set Up Checklist


I thought the first step “buy a domain name” on the Checklist for Setting Up a WordPress Blog page was a pretty simple thing.  However, in all of the time that I have been setting up blogs for others, I realized that as easy as it was for some, it is a foreign experience to others.

It is a really easy process, even if you have no idea what you are doing.  The first thing is to think of a name. Do you want it to be your personal name or something to do with your business?   In choosing a name the experts (whoever they are!) recommend that the name not be too long and it should also be easy to spell.  I strongly suggest that you use a .com name whenever possible because .com is so imbedded in our brains.  Think about it…! Did that just run through your head like they sing it in the commercial?

When choosing a domain name you might want to think of several options as your first choice may not be available, I don’t know if you have heard but is already taken. :)

Now for hosting, the best way I can describe hosting to you is that it is sort of like a house you rent.  It’s the place that your website or blog lives.  It has an address and that address, in the most simplified way I can explain it, is your domain name.  Simple enough?  There are several hosting plans to choose from at HostGator.  If you plan on doing one simple blog their Hatchling Plan would be prefect for you.  In no way do you have to use HostGator I just recommend it personally as I have had my blogs there for years and have been very pleased with their service and none of my sites have ever crashed or experienced downtime.  Over the last ten years, in my travels through the internet kingdom, I have used other hosts and have had problems but we won’t go into that now.

At this point, you might be asking why do I have to buy hosting when I can get a free place, that answer is here if you must know.

Let’s get on with this and head on over to my favorite host on the internet, HostGator and get started.

*Disclosure – Just to be clear this page does contain affiliate links. I have personally use the products I’ve recommend here.

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